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Day Four of Self Guided Tour

9:00 am - The Newseum
11:00 am  - Theodore Roosevelt Island
1:00 pm - The Old Post Office Tower
2:00 - The FBI Building or The Corcoran Gallery
5:00 pm - Millennium Stage at the Kennedy Center
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Estimated amount of walking on this tour - 4 miles

Back another day? Repeat after me, "the Metro is the only way to go...". Exit at the Rosslyn station on the blue line and follow the signs to the Newseum. The 10 minute walk takes you through an area filled with cafeterias and eateries so finding java, juice and sustenance is not a concern. 

The Newseum:
The Newseum is a recent addition to the museum scene and, as the name suggests, dedicated to the free press and speech. It is a must see.

The tour is a self guided one but I recommend watching the video preview before you start. Audio tapes are available for a small fee but not needed. A wonderful exhibit chronicling the evolution of the news from prehistoric days to modern times is followed by several brief videos and famous headlines, but what may ultimately capture your attention is the gigantic video wall made of 36 monitors broadcasting live headlines from around the world.
Downstairs the opportunity to participate in an actual broadcast and view the results is quite popular with the kids. Are you getting the picture yet? This place is interactive and easily gets everyone involved. There are computer terminals allowing you to play journalist and develop an entire news story.
It doesn't end there. You'll get to go "behind the scenes" in a functioning studio where the host will guide an audience through the entire process of how stories are selected for broadcast.
There is more outside in Freedom Park. A memorial erected of glass panels with the names of all those who died while "serving the news" stands brilliantly in the sunshine. 
Another section of the park contains relics from recent historical events related to the pursuit of freedom. Among the objects is a chunk of "the Berlin Wall" and the cell door to the jail of Nelson Mandela.
Expect to spend an hour and a half at the Newseum. A parking garage is available but the fee is not worth it considering the Metro is nearby. Because so many eateries are in the neighborhood, lunch is the next order of business.

Theodore Roosevelt Island:
I recommend getting something to go and heading to Theodore Roosevelt Island. From the Newseum, turn right on Lynn Street like you are heading to the Metro. Proceed past the station and follow the signs to Roosevelt Island. The turn off is at the foot of the Key Bridge. It will take about 20-25 minutes to get there. At the center of this small island is an amphitheater with a statue of Teddy Roosevelt surrounded by panels containing his views on life. It's an excellent place to relax.

In case you are wondering, the Key Bridge connects Virginia to the District and if you had pressed on, the neighborhood of Georgetown is there to explore. If you opt for Georgetown, keep in mind that M street and Wisconsin Avenue is the heart of the area and that any numbered street leads to the waterfront. See ya!

The Old Post Office Tower:
After the brief excursion on T.R. island, retrace your steps to the Rosslyn station and head back to the city. Get out at the Federal Triangle station and follow the signs to the Old Post Office Pavilion for a tour of the Old Post Office Tower. By default, the view from 300 feet or so is the best in the downtown area. The Washington Monument is currently sheathed in plastic due to renovations. A free guided tour of the structure is provided by National Park Service rangers.

The FBI Building:
The FBI building is across the street from the Pavilion on the other side of Pennsylvania Avenue. Usually, it's difficult to get the tour in the afternoon because it's a popular one. Once in, the guided tour takes about 45 minutes and includes a history of the FBI from it's humble beginnings to where they are today as well as a view of the forensics labs. Have you ever wanted to know who's currently on the most wanted list? Let's just say it is long and distinguished. The best part of the tour is the firearms display at the end.

Millennium Stage at the Kennedy Center:
The final leg of the day takes you to the Millennium Stage at the Kennedy Center. Live musical performances are held every evening at 6 PM. It's free to the public and almost exclusively jazz. The Kennedy Center is on the Potomac River about 8 blocks from the Corcoran and a metro ride from the FBI building. From the Corcoran, take E street west to Virginia Avenue and make a right. At New Hampshire Avenue, turn left. From the FBI building, take the metro from Federal Triangle to the Foggy Bottom station. A free shuttle departs from the station to the Kennedy Center every 15 minutes on the quarter hour.

After the concert, you can stroll up the Potomac into Georgetown for an evening excursion. If you decide to call it a day and want to put the dogs in bed, that's fine too. Good night!

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