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Lonely Planet's Guide to Washington, DC and the Capital Region - click to order now!

This is a  good overall guide for information about coming to DC.   It has a few good maps and some good write ups on some areas outside of DC.

Complete Idiot's Travel Guide to Washington, DC - click to order now!

Don't be offended, we're not saying you're a complete idiot - maybe we are because we really like the way this book portrays Washington, DC.  It has some basic tips for surviving your trip to the nation's capital.  

DC For Free - click to order now!

The beauty of visiting Washington, DC is that almost everything you come to see or do is free.  Most  of the museums, monuments - even the zoo.  This book gives you lots of good ideas how to see DC and not spend a dime.   

Frommer's Irreverent Guide to Washington, DC - click to order now!

This is just a fun guide book about the lighter side of Washington, DC.  It has some good suggestions and unlike many of Frommer's travel books, doesn't take DC quite so seriously. 

Aviation - A Smithsonian's Guide - click to order now!

Though this book is not a traditional travel book, if you have any interest in the Air and Space Museum, we definitely recommend giving it a thorough read.

Another Air and Space fan book recommendation - The Right Stuff  - click to order now! 

If you haven't already read this book, buy it and read it before your trip to DC and the Air and Space Museum.  You won't be sorry.

And our last Air and Space recommendation is...Moonshot - Inside Story of America's Race to the Moon - though this book is out of print, can usually find it through the network of used bookstores.  Definitely worth tracking down.

Tripmaker Deluxe - click to order now!

If you are planning on driving any distance across this country make sure to pick up this software.  It will print out maps, driving directions, estimated travel times, hotel recommendations, what sights to see, panoramic views of any major city in the US and so much more.

Where in the USA is Carmen SanDiego - click to order now!

This is great software to teach kids about geography and to encourage them to take more of an interest in where you will be traveling.

Eyewitness Travel Guide to Washington, DC - Click to order now!

This is an excellent Washington, DC guide for planning a trip to Washington, DC or just remembering one. Gives you a visual tour of Washington, DC's monuments, museums and neighborhoods while also providing maps, hotel, and restaurant information.

See DC on land and water! 90 minutes of great fun for the whole family.
$27 for adults
$14 for kids

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